Foundation Stage

We are proud of our Foundation Stage provision which ensures seamless transition between Nursery and Reception before moving into Key Stage 1.
Our self-contained unit is home to our 2 & 3 year old children at New Delaval Primary School.  When children reach 4 years old they move across into the main building to join our Reception classes. The exciting, bright and inviting classrooms are well resourced and set up to stimulate and promote independent learning for all children.  The indoor environments include cosy reading areas, well stocked writing areas, intriguing investigation areas and exciting role play areas which help stimulate the children's imaginative play.  Our learning environments are ever changing to reflect the interests and fascinations of the children.  We are lucky to have a range of technology in our setting including interactive boards, IPads, as well as a range of programmable toys.
We have a large outdoor area to provide the children with even more opportunities and challenges for learning in both settings.  The children have free access to the outdoors throughout the day, and love to be outside come rain or shine! The outdoor space is an extension of the indoor classroom, with many opportunities to read, write, count,investigate and interact with others.  There are also plenty of opportunities for children to improve physical skills with a wide range of large construction in addition to bikes, scooters and a wealth of other resources.
Our Early Years Foundation Stage unit is well staffed and we pride ourselves on building strong relationships with parents and carers. We welcome  parents into the classrooms and enjoy sharing our learning whenever possible.  We use an online tool as our learning journals.  We hope that this programme will ensure that all parents are able to share and celebrate the achievements and progress of the children.  Parents are also invited to join our EYFS classes each week for share books with their children.

To find out more information about the curriculum we are following at New Delaval Primary School, please click on the links below: