Our Key Skills/Experiences

In our Early Years we have 3 key experiences that we believe all children are entitled to. Our promise to you is to deliver the following key skills / experiences:

-          For the children to feel safe and secure

-          For the children to cook and bake

-          For the children to have quality reading experiences

Ready, Steady, Bake!

One of the core experiences that we believe all children should take part in whilst in the Early Years is baking.

Monday afternoon is baking afternoon in Reception and we are busy working our way down the register list, four at a time, to make sure that everyone gets a turn. Some children have baked before at home and many others have not so we teach everyone in the same way. We learn about the ingredients, weigh them carefully, use different utensils for different purposes and learn lots of new vocabulary and explore descriptive language.

One of the highlights is the cracking of the eggs and some children get a bit of a shock when they do it for the first time! There is always lots of discussion about the texture of the yolk and white and the inevitable ‘hunt’ for a little bit of shell!

The children are encouraged to do everything by themselves from weighing out to spooning the mixture into the cake tin and THEN finally washing up!

Baking is just one of those perfect activities which covers so many areas of the EYFS curriculum. Best of all, it is real, it’s what grown- ups do AND you get to eat the cake.


100g flour

100g butter

100g caster sugar

2 eggs

1 tablespoon cocoa powder

Mrs McRae   14.2.22