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All About Us

New Delaval Primary is a small urban school which stands to the west of Blyth in Northumberland.  We are rapidly expanding and have seen our numbers increase from 130 children to nearly 2500 children since we became a primary school in 2009. We have 1.5 class per year group as well as a nursery unit. The new building opened in September 2009 and saw the start the latest stage in New Delaval's proud history. Northumberland County Council took the decision to move to a two tier education system, New Delaval First School re-opened in a brand new building in September 2009 as New Delaval Primary.

The new £2.8 million building has been constructed on the site of the old school yard. The original building and annex were sadly demolished and in their place now stands the new car park and entrance to the school.

There has been a school serving the former mining village of New Delaval for many years. The New Delaval First School building, which was our home until July 2009, was the old Secondary school building and had been our home since the original Primary School was demolished in 1971.

The new school building still stands proudly close to the former Plessey Wagon Way down which coal would be transported right through the town of Blyth to the harbour. This important link is known as Plessey Road today. We still have members of the community who lived in the original village, supporting as friends of the school and we are widely supported in our community.