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Maths Progression Map


Intent - A Mathematician at New Delaval Primary School should:


  • Be equipped with an understanding of the key concepts in maths and the ability to make connections within their learning of mathematics.
  • Develop a range of skills in using and applying mathematics, being able to explore and represent it in a variety of different ways, including with concrete resources, pictorial representation and abstract notation.
  • Have a fluent knowledge and recall of number facts and demonstrate fluency in mental and written calculations.
  • Be confident in applying their skills and knowledge and resilient when faced with problems or errors.
  • Use their knowledge to generalise and therefore be able to solve problems.
  • Use mathematical vocabulary accurately to communicate their thinking and demonstrate their reasoning.
  • Be able to think independently to apply their understanding and solve problems.
  • Be able to work collaboratively and communicate clearly to reason and problem solve.


Alongside our Maths curriculum, we use Mathletics as an additional interactive tool to help support our pupils. It is also used to support home learning due to its interactive settings and support videos to help all learners access its content.
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Times Table Rock Stars

 TTRS is used across New Delaval Primary school to support our pupils with their Times Tables. Pupils have access to this resource frequently during lesson starters, basic skills and interventions. Pupils are encouraged to access this interactive platform at home to help improve their recall. 
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Concrete Resources

To help build strong foundations in maths, we provide our pupils with regular access to a range of concrete resources. These manipulates improve their maths knowledge by helping pupils to understand the relationship between numbers and the number system.

White Rose Maths
We structure our curriculum from EYFS to Year 6 using the White Rose Maths long term plan and use a range of their resources to help a deliver a high-quality curriculum. This platform provides staff with on-going CPD and new and exciting ways to engage all pupils. As good practitioners, we also use a variety of different resources to strength the offer our pupils receive. 

NCETM: Mastering Number
To enhance and strengthen our maths curriculum, we engage with the 'NCETM: Mastering Number Programme.' This programme improves pupils' understanding of number and their fluency with number facts. This is completed daily within year 1, 2, 4 and 5.
Our EYFS setting use resources, strategies and teaching practices from the NCETM to ensure that all children develop firm mathematical foundations in a way that is engaging, and appropriate for their age. They use this programme alongside White Rose Maths.

5-Minute Maths Challenge
In KS2 (Years 3 - 6), pupils take part in a '5-Minute Maths Challenge,' at regular points throughout the week. The resources are targeted towards fluency and number fact work and recap the learning from the previous half-term. This practice encourages pupils to work independently and at pace to prepare them for their end of KS2 SATs. We believe this resource also helps motivate pupils as they see quick improvements due to its repetitive approach.