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Maths Progression Map


Intent - A Mathematician at New Delaval Primary School should:


  • Be equipped with an understanding of the key concepts in maths and the ability to make connections within their learning of mathematics.
  • Develop a range of skills in using and applying mathematics, being able to explore and represent it in a variety of different ways, including with concrete resources, pictorial representation and abstract notation.
  • Have a fluent knowledge and recall of number facts and demonstrate fluency in mental and written calculations.
  • Be confident in applying their skills and knowledge and resilient when faced with problems or errors.
  • Use their knowledge to generalise and therefore be able to solve problems.
  • Use mathematical vocabulary accurately to communicate their thinking and demonstrate their reasoning.
  • Be able to think independently to apply their understanding and solve problems.
  • Be able to work collaboratively and communicate clearly to reason and problem solve.