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Design & Technology

Design and Technology Progression Map


Intent - A Design and Technology pupil at New Delaval Primary School should:


  • Provide a range of structured and differentiated activities to develop breadth and progression. Relating where possible to interests and everyday experiences at NDPS.
  • To develop knowledge and teach skills in order to design and make products successfully.
  • To provide adequate time, access to information, skills and resources to make a good quality product.
  • To motivate pupils by providing interesting and stimulating experiences.
  • Intend that activities and experiences at NDPS will encourage aspirational thinking regarding future careers. 
  • Encourage children to be aware of and investigate simple products by scrutiny and evaluation.
  • Provide equal opportunities and develop the qualities of individual pupils.
  • To enable children to use design and technology to solve a range of problems.



Knowledge Organisers
At New Delaval, we create knowledge organisers to support our pupils during their units of work. 
Our Knowledge organisers contain:
  • Facts - which provide pupils with background knowledge of their learning.
  • Vocabulary - to expose pupils to language used within the unit of work.
  • Images - to support the understanding of vocabulary.
We refer to our knowledge organisers at the start and end of every lesson to help consolidate learning.